Booster Coils

Booster coils, generally used for duct installations, are designed for air heating applications using hot water. They are usually circuited without headers due to their smaller size, but they can also come with headers, and we also offer them in various casing configurations as needed.

Booster Coil Specifications

  • Flanged booster coils
  • Slip & drive booster coils
  • One-row and two-row available
  • Flanged or S&D casings
  • Over 50 different sizes in stock
  • 24-hour shipment available
  • 5/8″ coper tubes / .008″ aluminum fins / 16 ga. galvanized steel casing
  • Order by part number
  • Please call to receive multiplier discount

Slip & Drive Booster Coil Pricing
Flanged Booster Coil Pricing